Introducing Sally Wester Weismann, author of August 26, 2013

“For a first time author, I needed lots of guidance. My Author Representative was there every step of the way. Even after my book was published, the help continued with the daily Coach emails. I thank Outskirts for making a goal that was seemingly beyond reach become a reality.”

Sally Wester Weismann taught elementary school for twenty years. During the latter part of her career, she became interested in language study. After retiring, she began teaching ESL, English as a Second Language. As mission work, she taught ESL for two years in Piedras Negras, Mexico. She lives in San Antonio, Texas and has three children and three grandchildren.

Product description…

This is a story about how God has a purpose for each of us. My journey began in 1953 with the birth of my little brother, who was born with a heart defect. I was seven years old and quickly became mommy’s little helper. He and I became very close, but my life was shattered when, at the age of twenty-one months, he died two days after having open heart surgery to save his life. In my devastated and grieving state, I turned to the greatest power I knew, God. I said, “I know you’re not mean, and one day I will understand.” I trusted this, and to me it was a promise. That one day is now. It has been six decades. I have learned that my purpose is to share my story. I now see how the pieces of my life were woven together to come to this day of understanding, August 26, 2013.

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