Introducing Lin L. Wu, author of Contemporary View of Confucianism (in Chinese)

“I published a book in Chinese which is not the common practice for Outskirt Press. However, I received a great deal of help from my Author Representative with a lot of patience and that made it possible for me to publish a book in Chinese in the United States.”

I, Dr. Lin L. Wu am a retired Professor at the University of California, Davis campus. I am a biologist and had been conducting research on ecology and environmental sciences for the last 30 years. After my retirement, in 2006, I devote my interest to the study of Chinese history and re-examine the values of Chinese culture and explore its value and contributions to peace and civilization of the world.

Product description…

In this book, I re-examined the Confucianism with a vision of modern science and on the basis of 21st century world civilization and making discussions on: What are the universal values of Confucianism and what contribution these discussions can offer for the current movements of “Revival of Confucianism” in China and other Asian countries as well as what roles it might play for the peace and civilization of the world.

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