Introducing Justice Jerry, author of Options Power Unleashed

“My appreciation for your publishing services revolve around prompt responses to author’s concerns and questions, and attention to details. Great teamwork.”

Justice Jerry Uzoka grew up in a small town in Nigeria where he developed a fascination for numbers and engineered structures. He later graduated with honors from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering. After being introduced to the stock market by a friend, Mr. Uzoka was hired as a stock broker trainee at the brokerage firm of Salomon Smith Barney in New York City, where he became licensed as a financial consultant and stock broker in both New York and New Jersey. He has authored several articles on investing, and has taught classes and led seminars and group presentations for various organizations and investment clubs. Mr. Uzoka holds specialist certifications in equity and derivatives products.

Product description…

Options are financial tools that offer the investor greater flexibility. Rather than being limited to buying, selling, or staying out of the market completely, with options you can tailor your position to your own specific needs. When combined with stocks, options can help protect against risk, generate income, and increase profits while minimizing exposure to losses. You can trade underlying securities without having to purchase them, and potentially set a purchase price below or sale price above for any stock at its current market price. Let Options Power Unleashed show you how! Learn how to: • Sell borrowed company shares for profit; buy back with locked-in gains • Profit from privileged company news using company cash • Set your selling price for any optionable company shares • Profit three ways from the same shares of a few elite and selected companies Options Power Unleashed provides an easy-to-follow introduction to the fundamentals of buying and writing equity options, and illustrates some of the basic strategies available. It’s a clear, concise guide to the challenging, fast-paced, and potentially rewarding world of options.

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