Introducing Lawayne Childrey, author of Peeling Back The Layers

“Just as I began searching for a publishing house for my new book, Peeling Back the Layers. I had the golden opportunity to meet with a number of authors who had used various self-publishing companies. Many of them had horror stories of poor craftsmanship and poor customer service from the companies they had entrusted with their life’s dream work. However, one author’s work stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. That’s the author who had used the services of Outskirts Press. The quality of his book rivaled that of the biggest and best publishing houses in the country but for a fraction of the costs. Now that my book has received the dedicated services from Outskirts Press, I too am proud of the end results and the proof is in the interest and buzz it has generated. Visit:”

Birmingham, Alabama native, Lawayne Orlando Childrey is a national Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist. He has also won numerous Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters awards. In 2014 the Alabama Community College System named Childrey as one of its most outstanding alumnus in the institutions fifty year history. As a result, the ACCS awarded a $5,000 scholarship in Childrey’s name to a deserving Alabama high school senior. During the same year, Childrey was named as alumnus of the year for Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee and serves as a national Voice Over artist, HIV/AIDS activists and motivational and keynote speaker. For booking information contact: Facebook: Lawayne Orlando Childrey Twitter: @LChildrey

Product description…

Everyday millions of people lose sight of their dreams when life’s gut wrenching curve balls knock them off their feet and out of the game. With the grace of God, that was not the case for Lawayne Orlando Childrey, who has endured some of the most horrific trauma imaginable, including childhood sexual abuse, depression, a crack cocaine addiction and an HIV diagnosis. Childrey beat all the odds to become an award-winning and respected news journalist, a dream he has had since childhood. In his autobiography, Peeling Back the Layers, Childrey demonstrates his ability to persevere during times of immense struggle by relying on the faith that was instilled in him as a child.

One thought on “Introducing Lawayne Childrey, author of Peeling Back The Layers

  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Childrey. I listened as he read a portion of his book. I want this book. It was great listening to him share his knowledge, he’s wisdom and his hope.

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