Introducing Liam McMillan, author of Crying Moon

“I have to admit the whole experience was truly remarkable. I chose the “One Click” package which allowed me to sit back and watch the Outskirts Press Team do what they do so well – publish my book. I am presently working with their Marketing Team and look forward to what comes next. Highly recommended.”

Liam McMillan has been a resident of Florida for over twenty years and is constantly amazed that people still believe releasing a foreign species into the eco-system is somehow good for both the animal and the environment.

Product description…

Geoff Boxer and his dog Gator lead a simple life in Punta Gorda, Florida, where Geoff is a professional tracker. His job is to find missing or lost people and to track down escaped prisoners or other individuals wanted by the authorities in the worst possible environments. But Geoff’s laidback, semi-reclusive lifestyle is about to be turned upside down as his friend Maria Sanchez—a wildlife biologist with the State of Florida—begins to investigate the rapid decline of the animal populations in the area. Crying Moon is a fast-paced and thought-provoking debut novel that combines elements of adventure, romance, and danger. It is also a sober reminder of the burgeoning Burmese python problem in Florida. Originally introduced as household pets, the pythons either escaped or were released into the wilds. Today, after years of breeding, the pythons in the Everglades National Park number in the tens of thousands, and their prey includes all of the indigenous species native to the area. With a dwindling food supply, the large snakes—which can grow to over twenty feet—have been forced into the more populated areas, where any warm-blooded mammal is a potential meal…

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