Introducing Eric A. Disney, author of Marriage by Design

“I was overwhelmed with how quickly the process went. The support has been simply amazing! Developing an understanding of the requirements to be a successful author are daunting, but through every step their guidance has kept my focus sharp. They really want to see their authors succeed! My experience with Outskirts Press has been both friendly and efficient. Kudos!”

Eric A. Disney is a Recovery and Personal Growth pastor in Southern California, where he has served for two decades. He is a counseling psychology graduate from California Baptist University in Riverside, California. His ministry offers a broad range of marriage, family, and relationship counseling classes and seminars. Eric has been an active member of the American Association of Christian Counselors since 1999. He is happily married to his wonderful wife, Jennifer, and they are the proud parents of two boys.~~ Visit my Marriage by Design Facebook page and my Blog/website @ and Follow me on Twitter @EricDisney2

Product description…

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have written a wonderful guide by which couples, should they choose to apply the principles…offered through this book, will dramatically increase their ability to experience ‘a little bit of heaven on earth’ in their marriage.” -Pastor Fred R. Rodriguez, Lead Pastor Executive Presbyter SoCal/Ag.

“I found myself reading the situations discussed in this book, and having the words jump out at me remembering couples and families I have counseled through these very issues. How I wish I had this guide at that time. This book is a tremendous resource that should be present on every counselor, pastor, and ministry leader’s shelves.” -Sheila L. Harper, SaveOne Founder and President.

Marriage by Design serves as a healing salve to wounded marriages-as well as a warning to those beginning their matrimonial journey, and couples anywhere in the spectrum-offering hope and encouragement to those who want to revitalize, refine, or completely restore their relationships. Marriage by Design is loaded with practical tools and exercises designed to shed light on unhealthy modes of behavior and their motivations; it also challenges some of the beliefs we carry from childhood that can impact our current relationships. Marriage by Design begins by establishing God’s foundation in marriage and moving through a systematic building process, enabling couples to apply scriptural-based techniques and concepts to their own marriages. If you’re looking to change a relationship based on inconsistent emotions and experience the freedom produced by intentional living-to move your marriage from stuck to stupendous-Marriage by Design is the tool you’ve been missing!~~ IDEAL GIFT FOR NEWLYWEDS…A WONDERFUL ENHANCEMENT FOR SEASONED COUPLES…A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING GIFT…A GREAT WAY TO SHOW FRIENDS AND COUPLES THAT YOU LOVE THEM!

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