Introducing William Teets, author of Before the Flood

“Dana and Stephanie were great. I will be submitting my third book with Outskirts Press in a few months and want to work with these great people again!”

William Teets is an author and poet born in Peekskill, NY, who currently resides in Dutchess County, NY. His personal memoir, Upside Down (One on the House), was released to rave reviews in October, 2013. Before The Flood, a poetry collection that resonates with Americana, was published in March, 2014. Teets is also featured in the anthology, “Renderings,” through the Hudson Valley Writers Workshop. All of his books are available on Amazon and at all local bookstores. Earlier works of his poetry can be found in Chronogram and Art and Life. Teets is currently writing his first novel; Reverend Went Walking. He can be contacted at

Product description…

Whether she is poetry or America, sinner or saint, we see her copious and honest, manacled and free. Before the Flood is a poetry collection that resonates with Americana: blues music and barrooms, whiskey and smoke, rivers and haunted highways, leather jackets, hoodies and Sunday’s best. Teets’ poetry navigates corrupted streets, turns dangerous corners and takes byways and alleys in an unending quest for salvation and answers.

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