Introducing Clarence Hines, author of Faith Behind the Blue Wall

“Wow! From the very first consultation, the representatives at Outskirts Press were amazing. I can’t say enough good things about the top notch level of professionalism and service. Publishing a book can be an intimidating process; however, I felt like Outskirts Press partnered with me and held my hand the entire way. I would recommend Outskirts Press to anyone interested in self-publishing. I already have one friend who is finishing his second book and has indicated he’s going to use Outskirts Press. I am hard at work already planning my second book and feel like I have found a home with Outskirts Press. I can’t thank them enough for helping to make my dream of publishing my first book come true. Thank you Outskirts Press!”

Clarence Hines is a retired Detective Sergeant with the St. Louis Police Department where he served for 21 years. He serves as a Criminal Justice Instructor and Associate Pastor in St. Louis. Clarence is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary and holds a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. He also serves as a Police Chaplain and writes a monthly faith based column in a police newsletter. He lives in St. Louis with his wife Julia and two children.

Product description…

Often referred to as the “Blue Wall of Silence,” most people give little consideration to the sub-community that is law enforcement. Most officers and soldiers accept the inherent dangers of their vocation without reservation; however, are rarely prepared to deal with the residual emotional effects of policing a community and defending our borders. Because of the strong professional standards and polished uniformed image of our warriors of justice, most people never stop to consider that because officers and soldiers encounter so much brokenness on a daily basis, they themselves can eventually break. This book is a personal career devotional for the entire law enforcement community and their families to bring them face to face with the loving presence of the God of Grace who called them, understands them, protects them, loves them and seeks to heal them. Throughout its pages, the law enforcement community will find transformative vocational meaning and purpose as they favorably live out their faith in the tough terrain of defending a city or nation. Through the often overlooked stories of soldiers and law enforcement officers in the bible, they will learn valuable lessons and gain priceless pearls of wisdom to better protect and serve our communities. Families and Communities will have never before seen access to the inner struggles and daily obstacles officers must overcome to serve them. Chaplains and clergy will be better informed and equipped to minister to the needs of their law enforcement congregants and parishioners.

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