Introducing Sharon Denise Jones, author of Cooking with the Jones’

“I enjoyed my experience with Outskirts Press. Bridget was awesome. I am now currently working on 2 more books and I will definitely be publishing with Outskirts Press again. Thanks for a book well done.”

Sharon Denise Jones is the youngest of five siblings. She was born and raised in Lexington Tennessee. She grew up on a small farm and was always considered a tomboy. She played basketball in middle school and during those times received several MVP and All-Star awards. Sharon received numerous basketball awards such as All State, all West Tennessee, and Best Play Maker. Helping on the farm and cooking with her mother were the best days of her childhood. Especially holidays, when her mother would make sure her sister Jackie and Sharon were involved in the kitchen in some way, whether it be whipping up egg whites for her fabulous chocolate pies or seasoning the turkey, getting it ready for baking. Those days are what made Sharon the lady that she is today. She’s happily married to Anthony Bernard Jones, who has been her foundation since the day they exchanged vows. She is also a proud mother of three wonderful children—Joshua, Jessica, and Jaleel—and the grandmother of three—Jayda, Jeremiah and Jordyn. As she got older, she realized that cooking and taking care of people with special needs are her passions. She is presently employed as a Home Manager for the Supportive Living, where she assists mentally challenged or disabled persons with daily living. She is the Vice-President of the Adult Choir, President of the Youth Choir and a member of the Pastor’s Aide at her local Church. She may be the youngest of five, but she loves taking on new challenges and that’s what made her the extraordinary person she is today.

Product description…

This lavishly produced book, Cooking Up With The Jones’ brims with color photographs of food and two substitution charts. This book was produced to have mass-market appeal to those who are just beginning to cook and say they can’t even boil water; and second, for those who have been trying to cook and wonder why their meals don’t taste like Mother’s or Grandma’s cooking, or even the food of their favorite Restaurant. In Cooking Up With The Jones’ you will find those flavors with recipes that range from appetizers, desserts—such as Old Fashioned Pound Cakes, Meats, Buttermilk Pancakes, and plenty more. Included are substitution charts that will benefit others on a more restrictive diet.

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