Introducing Greg Scott Ryan, author of Errol Flynn’s Bathtub

“I initially communicated with Tanya and she led me into the process effortlessly. There was never a moment when I struggled to understand. She was awesome. Then I was handed off, like a delicate bouquet of rare orchids, to Lisa. I can’t say enough about how perfectly professional Lisa has been. Emails and return emails came to me as if I were the one and only author that Lisa had to deal with. I’d like to bake her a cake or buy her a bottle of whiskey or something. No kidding, she’s a real dynamo. And then the Production Team. Where do I begin? These people have got to be the best in the self-publishing business. I don’t know they’re names, so, to me, they’re like The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files, in a basement somewhere solving publishing mysteries and putting out books for authors that make us authors weep with joy. Honestly, it has been a thrilling and memorable time working with all of Outskirts Press. I tip my hat to Tanya. I raise my glass to Lisa. And I salute the Production Team. I thank all of you. Good day.”

Greg Scott Ryan: Errol Flynn’s Bathtub is a circus-tent shelter from the storm outside doing to weeping willow trees & churches what lions do to wildebeest & zebra.

Product description…

Not since Hitchcock’s PSYCHO have women been given a better reason to fear taking a shower. Snub Wesson takes us along on his eleventh birthday as he makes a delivery for his drug dealing, dope shooting, diabetic employer. A blacklisted fashion photographer continues to make a living in the strange world of wealthy fetishists. A human cannonball questions his own mortality…

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