Introducing TES, author of The Obexlanders

“Outskirts is a great company with great support staff. I can only say good things as the book was published exactly as I wanted it.”

TES, since he was a child, was always interested in History. He has several Doctorate degrees and is author of “The History of Freedom Village,” which is a history of our settlement on Mars and his award winning “A Chronicle of Space Records and Achievements”, sold over 5 million copies. TES is an experienced space traveler having visited the moon and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. TES was on Mars doing research when the events in his book took place. The above piece was written by machine.

Product description…

The Obexlanders and the Assassination of JFK represents the penultimate in conspiracy theories. Anyone who thinks the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination could have been a conspiracy will find The Obexlanders enthralling. (Hint, it wasn’t the FBI, CIA, or Mafia). Flying saucer and UFO buffs will discover a new twist in the answer to these phenomena. Time travel enthusiasts and Futurists will not be disappointed. Those interested in the nature of the Universe, the Multi-Verse, cosmology, or the Big Bang will find some weird thinking here. Holograms, immortality, species extinction, the nature of consciousness, crop circles, Area 51, extraterrestrial life, and terrorist are topics highlighted by applicable quotes from Albert Einstein, Dwight David Eisenhower and an interview with Fidel Castro. The Obexlanders provides an imaginative answer concerning why Fidel Castro survived so long as Cuba’s dictator, why the Vietnam War really took place and why and how 2 million Cambodians were allowed to be killed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. For those of you who do not mind a little humor and a light sexual innuendo seasoning with their history, this will be an easy and fun read. The Obexlanders and the Assassination of JFK allegedly written by the Obexlander Historian, TES, is a secret and classified document chronicling the history of this group from the future specifically from the year 3148. The Obexlanders have come here to change history and save humanity from itself. In order to carry out their mission, they undertook dreadful actions for which they were not proud. Somehow this document was purloined from the Obexlanders and made available to us. A plethora of interesting characters appear, play their role and move on. One consistent character is the charismatic and brave Obexlander Leader Dewey Steele. Todd “Flash” Gordon, Chief Field Operator, has adventures in exotic places like Thailand, Vietnam and Pohnpei Island. Jane Phandora, the rebel with a cause, left the Obexlanders to live in Las Vegas in protest against Obexlander planned actions. The Obexlanders is an exciting, provocative and fun deception; historical fiction on the cutting edge of imagination. However, is it possible that elements of the Obexlanders may appear in the reality of our own future? A fascinating if not fantastic read.

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