Introducing Susan VanDomelen, author of Baby Rowdy’s New Shoes

“I broke my right ankle and was laid up for several months, which left me with a lot of down time. I have a very small miniature horse that is very cute and loving, so I decided to write a children’s book about him. I started searching the Web and discovered Outskirts Press Publishing. Bingo! They sounded like an exceptional Publishing Company and true to their word, they never let me down. They guided me all the way through from A to Z. I’m now holding my book in my hands. Being that it was my 1st endeavor doing anything like this, I was very apprehensive, but the people I worked with guided me expertly all the way to completion. They returned every call I made to them and every E-mail I made to them within a 24 hour period from my Author Representative to my Publishing Consultant and Production Manager. I want to congratulate you all for an outstanding job, so much so I’m starting another book about Rowdy called “Rowdy’s Playground” knowing again, I will receive excellence from Outskirts Press.”

Susan VanDomelen is retired and has a special needs miniature horse “Rowdy”. She was raised in Jacksonville, Oregon and now lives with her Husband in Coquille, Oregon. She shares her Ranch with 2 cats, 3 toy poodles and 3 miniature horses, Auntie Chloe, Mom Pricilla and of course Baby Rowdy. Her home and ranch has hosted many recovery and special needs animals. Rowdy’s story is meant to inspire. Look for Susan’s next book on how Rowdy now uses his special shoes to enjoy his new playground.

Product description…

Little Rowdy was born with a deformity on his front legs, which did not appear until he was several months old. The time, effort and patience on Rowdy’s and the Horse Shoer’s part, the deformity was corrected. Rowdy is now walking, running and playing normally with his mother, Pricilla, and Auntie Cloe.

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