Introducing Scott W. Allen, author of Aces Back to Back

“Outskirts Press went above and beyond with me, as a new author, offering me a level of personalized professionalism I never could have received elsewhere. If anyone ever wore out a publisher, it was me. Outskirts attention to detail, diligence, and amenability to working with an author is second to none. Outskirts stayed with me every step of the way and no matter what I asked for, big or small, was there with me to ensure a tremendous and beautiful end-production. I applaud Outskirts for its diligence, patience and professionalism. Outskirts was always quick to respond to my e-mails and questions. Why bother to go through standard publishing routes when Outskirts Press enables you to bring your dream to fruition in ways that a standard publisher would not. By using Outskirts, I was able to retain creative and financial control over my manuscript and create exactly what I had envisioned. Outskirts Press rock big time!”

Scott W. Allen wrote for Relix magazine from 1983 until 1992, serving as a Senior Writer, columnist (“Fragments”), and feature article writer. He is a veteran of nearly 250 Grateful Dead concerts. Mr. Allen has also taught on the high school and college levels for 27 years and coached NCAA men’s golf for ten. The author has degrees from the University of Oregon (BS Journalism) and Manhattanville College (MAT Sp Ed) and is a resident of West Harrison, New York.

Product description…

This special, 20th anniversary edition of Aces Back to Back, first published in 1992, updates the Grateful Dead’s history through 2013. With a Foreword from acclaimed Dead lyricist John Barlow, Aces Back to Back is the most thorough account of the Dead’s career—from their inception, through the death of Jerry Garcia, and on to their incarnations as the Other Ones, the Dead, RatDog, Phil Lesh and Friends, the Mickey Hart Band, 7 Walkers, and Furthur.

The Grateful Dead formed in 1965 — at the height of the decade’s counterculture — with a fresh, unique style. The Sixties were a tumultuous time, a time of change, and the Dead’s music reflected the people’s tide of emotions and changing lives. They soon developed a dedicated following, whose numbers have grown and evolved over the last several decades along with their musical icons. Today, the Grateful Dead’s music continues to reverberate within the hearts and souls of their fans — faithful, long-time Deadheads and younger audiences drawn to the band’s legendary, magical appeal. Aces Back to Back is a must-read for fans of all ages!!

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