Introducing Lon Currey, author of CIA? I Think Not!

“Laura was outstanding and helped as quickly as possible in every way she could. If I use Outskirts again I will also ask for Laura!”

Army 1st Sergeant (Ret.) Lon Currey shares his story of his tour in Iran 1977-1979 during the revolution. Lon has had numerous articles published in law enforcement professional journals and training manuals. Though Iran’s revolution occurred over 30 years ago; Lon found such a frightening parallel to today’s political and military situation he felt compelled to share his story.

Product description…

Lon Currey tells the story of one man’s experiences in Iran during the 1979 revolution. His descriptions of life in Iran before and during this trying time give us an insight into a world seldom seen. We learn much about the closeness of an American community in a very foreign land. Iran is a land of contrasts that become apparent as we leaf through the pages of this exciting historical biography. We get to share his family’s fears and their eventual evacuation as well as Lon’s arrests, escapes and interrogations, and final escape from Iran. The story behind the story is one of political significance which relates the political climate in America today to the climate in America in 1977 through 1980. Lon relates the downfall of American pride and influence throughout the world today directly to our loss of influence in Iran under Jimmy Carter in 1978.

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