Introducing Marian Ely, author of Serenity Villa

“My Author Representative was timely and very helpful in this process. She spotted things I had missed and smoothed the way toward publication. Thank you once again for a good experience publishing with Outskirts Press!”

Marian Ely lives a retired life at Samaritan Village in Corvallis, Oregon. “I am happily retired, although I must admit it took awhile for me to adjust after many years in a busy work life. I spend my days writing and also learning how to relax. The writing is far easier for me than the relaxing. I do well if my day starts with the crossword puzzles in the newspapers and a cup of really good coffee. Somewhere in the midst of both activities I might discover who I really am some day.”

Product description…

Serenity Villa is a book that I hope will captivate you, especially if you are in a retirement community already. I live in one about the size of Serenity Villa. Some of the ideas came to me soon after I moved in. None of the characters in the book are like the people in my community, however there are bits and pieces from people I have known throughout my life. Getting older can be a challenge for many and a delight for others. You will see both examples in the stories here. You will laugh and you might even feel anger or sadness. All of these are part of life here.

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