Introducing Alma Ruth Smith, author of Oh, God, What About Us Wimps

“I am completely satisfied with the service I received and would use them again and recommend to others.”

Alma Ruth Smith credits God for transforming her from a wimp to a servant of the most high God. A public speaker and teacher, Alma holds a doctorate of theology, and she is working on a bachelor’s in computer technology. Alma and her husband have two children and three grandchildren and reside in Kansas City, Kansas.

Product description…

A wimp is someone who lacks courage, who never takes risks or stands up for themselves. A wimp has trouble making decisions, is ruled by fear, and is not a leader of men. In her new book, Oh God, What About Us Wimps, Alma Ruth Smith describes her journey to overcome low self-esteem and constant fear. As a wimp, Alma did not speak up for herself and knew she couldn’t speak up for Jesus Christ, but Jesus let her know He wanted her to come to Him as she was, wimp and all. He also wanted her to speak up for Him, and after many trials, and by giving her life over completely to Christ, Alma finally discovered the strength to speak with boldness. Now, with the strength God gave her, Alma is able to help others transform from wimps to warriors of God. She shares her incredible story in Oh God, What About Us Wimps—a refreshingly honest and uplifting account.

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