Introducing Marcia Ann Smith, author of Miracles of a Greater Kind

“I am very pleased with the final product of the book. The custom cover is exactly what I had envisioned! The quality of the book was superb!”

Marcia Ann Smith is the author of Seeing the Light through the Darkness and co-author of In His Grip–Strength for the Storm. She and her husband, Stan, have been married for nineteen years and have two children. Their son, Jonathan awaits them in heaven and their daughter, Milly is their gift on earth.

Product description…

Have you ever experienced traumatic events in your life and wondered how life could ever be joyous again? Have you wondered why some people received the answers they sought from prayers and others seemed to drown in agonizing times? While this book does not fully answer these questions, it does come to some unmistakable conclusions. Walk with us, as parents, in the wake of our son’s devastating cancer diagnosis and the eventual loss of our only child. Journey with me through my own cancer crisis a few short years later. Travel with us through the path of hope, pit of despair, and fountain of peace to the mountaintop of victory. God has shown me His goodness even when difficult circumstances surround me. He had taught me to trust His provisions, even when I don’t receive the answers to prayer I sought. Many times these provisions are subtle, other times they are dramatic, but they are always divine. What are the “miracles of a greater kind?” My conclusion may surprise you.

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