Introducing Ruben C. Manliguez, author of Good News of All Time

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Ruben C. Manliguez is the author of the book, World’s Destiny: In the Air or in the Lake and has over 46 years of Bible addiction and Christ fanaticism.

Product description…

God has spoken (Isa 45:21). He who has ears, let him listen (Psa 78:1). God so loved the world (Jhn 3:16a). God sent His only begotten Son to save the world (Jhn 12:47). God’s plan, pleasure and purpose will stand (Isa 14:24) from the foundation of the world all the way to heaven because His mercy endures for ever (Psa 136 whole chapter). This is Bible-based book purposely written to inspire the world that everybody is in heaven because Christ came and died for all (2Cr 5:15). The cross of Christ (Gal 6:14) is central to why everybody is in heaven. Belief matters no matter what. Believe now and have a nice and easy road. Believe not and have a tough and rough road in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8) but will end up in heaven anyway after a spiritual purging, pruning and purifying time in God’s refinery! God is a consuming fire (Hbr 12:29). Salvation by fire (1Cr 3:15). Brimstone (theion and theios) is God’s breath, deity, divinity and power to purge the unbelieving! Believing and unbelieving are in heaven only because of the blood of Christ (1Pe 1:19), the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8) and the Savior of the world (1Jo 4:14). God’s justice ends on judgment day. God’s mercy, love, compassion, long suffering, patience and slowness to anger never ever end. God’s will to save all (1Ti 2:3, 4) because God is good to all (Psa 145:9). Christ came to save the world (Jhn 12:47), to save the lost (Luk 19:10) and to save sinners (1Ti 1:15).

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