Introducing Jennifer Vickous, author of No Bound Love

“Outskirts Press has been absolutely awesome to work with. They have given me the tools and advice on writing a novel. They have accepted my work and did a beautiful job on the cover and the story. I had a lot to learn about publishing a book and the author representative and the team they have assigned me to was patient and understanding. They showed me the upmost respect in publishing my book. I have dreamt ever since I was a kid growing up in a small lower class neighborhood to become an author. They have made that dream come true and helped me achieved that goal.”

Jennifer Vickous is a native of Indianapolis and ever since she was a child, she fell in love with books and writing. As a single mother, she devotes her time with her daughter and making her dream come true. She currently still lives in Indiana with her daughter.

Product description…

Sarah went through a bitter divorce. Diana had been suffering from a bitter break up. When the two women meet, a friendship stirs as the two women begin to heal from their own heartbreaks. But then, Diana totally falls in love with her new friend. Does Sarah feel the same way? And what would happen when her ex-husband and Diana’s ex-girlfriend enter into the picture?

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