Introducing Lynn Williams, author of Ten Effective Habits of the Disciplined Disciple

“Pleased with the publishing experience. I worked for a major publisher for many years and this experience was exceptional.”

Lynn Williams is a teacher and counselor. He has taught Bible courses throughout the United States to various church groups and has conducted more than 100 seminars in colleges and universities throughout the country for business teachers and other professionals. He is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, and currently resides in Denton, Texas.

Product description…

The Holy Bible discusses the practices Jesus Christ taught to His first disciples. These practices are universal and can be learned by anyone who has accepted His gift of faith and wants to submit their will to the heavenly Father. By putting these time-tested and effective practices into use, they become habits—habits that will change the Christian’s nature until he or she can teach by example. Ten Effective Habits of the Disciplined Disciple is a must-read for teachers, pastors, and students of His Word—those who wish to practice the habits Jesus taught to His 12 original followers. The book draws directly from the Bible to effectively and eloquently communicate the discipline required to grow in God’s grace. With Ten Effective Habits of the Disciplined Disciple, you, too, can learn to live a life pleasing to our Holy Father!

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