Introducing Brandi Barger, author of Three Little Foxes

“It was quick and an enjoyable experience. I am working on another and will use Outskirts Publishing again.”

About Brandi Barger: I live in a small Georgia town. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and just about any outdoor activity. I married my best friend and we have three amazing children. I have always loved to read and would read everything from my mom’s romance to my dad’s sci-fi books. I started writing for the fun of it then for my children. My children are my inspiration and reason for everything. I thank God for everything he has blessed me with.

Product description…

Three Little Foxes is about how one family can be so different, yet fit together to make it whole. Each family member has a unique quality that makes that person who that person is. All these qualities make up the families dynamics. If we were all the same how boring would we be? Three Little Foxes is illustrated in watercolor art to lend a visual aide to the story unfolding in the words.

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