Introducing Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis, author of Keys to Opening a Successful Business

“My name is Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis and I just got published. I am no stranger when it comes to self publishing. I tried to do everything myself the first time around. I will never do that again. The right decisions were not made and it cost me a lot of time and money. I love writing and decided to search and hire an expert to help me with my second book Keys to Opening a Successful Business. I read reviews and singled out Outskirts Press. I am so happy with the end results. The process is so easy and I was educated along the way on the direction to take with the help of the experts. Their help is greatly appreciated. I can honestly say that every question was answered in a timely fashion and every project was handled professionally and I was very pleased with the results. I would like to say thank you to my personal crew for helping me complete my goal and I give Outskirts Press 5 STARS for customer Service.”

Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis is a self-taught Retail Entrepreneur, Award-winning Businesswoman, Active Community Supporter, 2014 BBB Torch Award winner, Published Author, Director and Producer of an award winning Documentary, devoted wife and mother. Tina opened her business in 1987 and to this day is still working her passion by personally helping each customer who needs her expertise.

Product description…

Tina has written a step-by-step guide that will help any entrepreneur know what it takes to open and operate a successful business. She shares over 40 years of personal experience from how she mastered her craft to becoming the expert in her field. Tina provides information on how she kept her business running successfully for over 26 years in the same location, expanding from 700 to 3400 sq ft., even during the hardest of times. Not finding information to help her achieve this goal, she knows that her next mission in life is to help future entrepreneurs invest in themselves by giving them the tools on how to start their very own perfect success story.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis, author of Keys to Opening a Successful Business

  1. Hi Elizabeth. I am a successful business owner for close to 30 years. I want so badly to mentor and share my knowledge before I get to old. I knew that my destiny is to help young entrepreneurs fill in the gaps of all the businesses that closed during our last recession. I have already helped two businesses. I am successful and want to share my knowledge of how I did it. This is what my book is about. You will find my name on the BBB page listed as last years winner of the Torch award in Illinois for ethics, honesty and doing things right.
    I got a call last month from the Small Giants organization in Chicago. They asked me to share my store with 100’s of entrepreneurs that are attending.
    The reason I am writing to you again is to make sure you do things the right way. I wasted many years having family and friends help me and I got no where. Write your book. After you write it read it and edit it. I edited my book 50 times before i gave it to anyone. Write with your heart. Get a professional editor who will not change your words or sentence meanings because its your book. Family and friend confused me and try to rewrite my story. Follow your dream and write your story. No let anyone influences your story. Let your family and friends read it afterwords before you sent it out to a professional editor. Best wishes to you.

  2. My first book, I had hired someone locally to help me edit my book to save a few dollars. It cost me more money and more headaches. It was a mess and I didn’t read it after she edited my work. She changed the meaning and tried to put my thoughts in her own words. Outskirts press will not change what you write, they will only edit and show you what editing they suggest. It was worth it as far as I am concerned. If you are afraid of someone stealing your idea and words, mail a copy to yourself and the postmark will protect you. If you are planning on writing more children’s books and want to be taken seriously then you will want to let the professionals check your work. You never know, some big print house may love your work and want to republish it and also have you write a series of Children’s books. When you publish your work with outskirts they will take you step by step, get you an your ISBN number along with making sure that you do everything you need too. By the way, I only sold under 50 books because my subject is about business, and their are not as many businesses as their are children. However, I have been noticed by business organization and have been asked to speak at a summit telling my story in front of a large audience of struggling business owners. I also want to speak at universities for business. Doing summits and speaking engagements will give me the chance to sell more books to the right audience. The organization is called Small Giants. I am doing exactly what I set out to do. I am mentoring new and old businesses to succeed. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Outskirts Press. Good luck! You are welcome to keep in touch.

  3. I am a first time author and was thinking of using the one click publishing method to do this…. I picked this one because it is a children’s book with colored pictures and I would like somebody to edit the book. However, it is a lot of money, did you get Outskirt to mail you a written agreement. My family members want to help but would like to see where the money is going and that it is going to be in safe hands.

    1. Hi Elizabeth: I had you on my mind and wanted to know what you decided to do. Let me know when you publish your book. I have employees with children. Theirs nothing like a good book to keep children’s minds thinking.

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