Introducing Charles Glover, Jr., author of Understanding the Godhead Mystery

“I thought Lisa and my Outskirts Press team were all outstanding. Overall, Outskirts Press gets a A+ in my book. The video production, the book cover, the tetragrammaton images, the ebook completions for Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble were also outstanding. Thank you Outskirts Press. You helped to make my very first book a complete success which I am very proud of and I look forward to doing more business with you all in continuing my book series, Understanding the GODHEAD Mystery. “Job Well Done!” I’ll see you again in the not too far future.”

Charles Glover Jr. was born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1957. A man after the heart of the Almighty Holy King, Creator, and Saviour. A man of great faith, character, dedication and honor. a former U.S. Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard and Pentagon Tour Guide, Washington D.C. Participated in Two U.S. Presidential Inaugurations. A Two-Time Licensed Minister. Attended Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland. A forever humble, peace loving man that gets along with everyone no matter the sex, race, nationality, or religion. A man that truly cares about the souls of all mankind from all nations and religions. “I say and pray this by faith, great humbleness, and humility. That the powerful, anointed message within the pages of my book would not only be read and heard throughout all the nations and all the religions of the earth but would also be heard all throughout the entire universe to the glory of the Almighty Holy Godhead.” (For With God, All Things Are Truly Possible!) – Charles Glover, Jr.

Product description…

Understanding the GODHEAD Mystery – “ A Spiritual Teaching Book For The Ages! ” – For anyone confused about the Holy Godhead or desperately seeking a greater truth and understanding. Understanding the Godhead Mystery is a must read. This anointed bold spiritual teaching book relates the true gospel the world needs to know and hear. The truth of the Almighty Holy Godhead as One. Understanding the Godhead Mystery does not cater or limit itself to any particular faith or religious denomination or faith organization. Rather, the book uncovers centuries of biblical truth and broadens the true understanding of believers of all faiths, worldwide. Solely based on the truth from the original Tetragrammaton, the original Hebrew Old Testament Holy Scriptures, the original Septuagint Holy Scriptures, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Understanding the Godhead Mystery tells the truth of the Holy Godhead, unfiltered, unbiased and untainted. This book is like no other book that you have ever read before in your life, or that you may ever read again. You will read truth in this book possibly for your very first time. You will read truth in this book that you will never hear spoken from any of the pulpits of any churches anywhere on this earth. You will read truth in this book that many “Spiritual Leaders” either do not know or do not have the courage to speak. This book is not about bashing anyone’s faith, and the author is not attacking any of the world’s religious organizations or denominations. The intentions here of the author throughout this book are to give to you the reader, the full revelation truth that the author has received from the Almighty Heavenly Father in relation to His True Holy Godhead, and to broaden the knowledge of all true believers from all nations and all religions so that each and every believer can truly know the One True Almighty Holy Godhead as your Personal Saviour. Truth That Will Make You Free! Truth That Will Forever Bless Your Soul! A must read book for all true believers of the Most Holy Almighty Creator. Believers from all Nations of the Earth. Believers from all Religions.

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