Introducing Jake Pixley, author of The Testimony of a Dead Man

“This experience of publishing with Outskirts Press has been above what I expected. I really was in control of my book! Furthermore, what I appreciated most was that there were no gimmicks to deal with. Everything was straight forward. I will be using Outskirts Press again for other books I am currently working on.”

As a young boy, Jake Pixley lived on a small farm and worked like a grown man. To get out of work on Sundays, I would ride my bike two miles to church, and the two miles back home. Spiritually it was the best thing to happen to me. I have never been without a connection to the Father. I have grown to be more spiritual than religious, but I still like to go sit in the church where it all started.

Product description…

Sometimes a soul must enter into the deepest darkness to find its own light. MICHAEL makes a mistake that is taking a lifetime to find redemption. Along his journey, Michael is being called to battle against great evil and dark spirits. At one time in his life, Michael had sit at the table beside the lake of fire and was rescued. Now the darkness wants him back. Michael must follow the commandments given to him if he is to complete God’s mission for him on earth and in Hell.

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