Introducing James A. Solomon, author of The Living Water

“The team at Outskirts Press demonstrated both competence and character in how they handled my book from soup to nuts! I would definitely recommend them to other prospective authors.”

A highly respected Life-Coach, Counselor, and Pastor, Rev. Jim Solomon began his career as a businessman, having studied Accounting and Business Administration in undergraduate school, several years before his seminary days. He worked in the realms of Accounting, Finance, Public Relations, Quality Assurance and Corporate Training, before he began his pastoral training in seminary. He enjoys helping people find their place in this world when it comes to their unique set of gifts, abilities, education, and experiences. Jim is active in the community not only leading New Hope Community Church of Newtown, but also serving as a member of the Board of Directors of several non-profit and educational organizations. Jim also serves as chaplain of the Newtown Police department as well as the Civil Air Patrol. Jim has been sought after as a Guest Speaker and Retreat Leader on both coasts in the realms of men’s matters, marriage and family issues, and spiritual formation, with an emphasis on small groups as a tool through which community is built and sustained. With plans to begin his Doctoral studies, Jim holds a Masters of Divinity from Bethel Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Rhode Island. He and his wife had worked for Fortune 500 corporations for several years in Boston prior to 1995 when they transitioned to vocational ministry. Jim and Anne have two daughters and reside in Newtown, Connecticut. As for hobbies, Jim loves reading, writing, running, hiking, horse-back riding, playing musical instruments, traveling, and most of all, spending time with his family.

Product description…

Even in the midst of doing things for God, we often lose sight of Him in the process. We need the refreshment of not only His grace but also His truth to get back on track. Otherwise, whether we realize it or not, we are blind-sighted, wandering aimlessly, lost in the wilderness of this world and the lost-ness of our lives, yearning for but never finding that water that can quench our thirst forever. It is my prayer and hope that the Lord will use the pages of this book to quench your soul’s thirst for Him. In a dry and weary land, may the pages of this book give to you the rich and wonderful hope that is ours as we draw closer to the One whose well never runs dry.

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