Introducing Alva D. Henehan, Jr., author of And Not A Man Flinched

“Throughout the process, from the very beginning to the actual publishing of the book, I received outstanding support from all of the teams assigned to me. My representatives, Tanya and Lisa, often made me go to work, but I greatly appreciated that. I hope to have the same team leaders assigned to me on my next project. Thank you all.”

Alva D Henehan, Jr. is a retired librarian currently living in Peru with his wife, Carmen. And Not a Man Flinched is his first book.

Product description…

During the spring of 1882, Ottoman Egypt’s legitimate ruler, Khedive Tewfiq, was pushed aside by a nationalist army colonel, Ahmed Urabi Pasha. By that summer, Urabi’s defiant opposition to Anglo-French control over Egypt’s finances had transformed into a national movement openly hostile toward all things foreign and Christian. Concern over Egypt’s apparent slide into political instability and the security of European financial investments caused alarm throughout Western Europe. The violence of the June riots and the 11 July bombardment of Alexandria compelled the British government to intervene. Within days of the bombardment, the British military machine was in motion, and troops began to steam their way to the city. What followed was a well-planned and executed campaign, led by Lieutenant General Sir Garnet Wolseley, lasting less than two months. This is the story of that campaign and the men who fought it. And Not a Man Flinched, originally intended as a research project about the Victorian-era British army regiments, contains over 600 pages of facts, dates, and eyewitness accounts—plus photos and historically accurate illustrations—to form a vivid, three-dimensional picture of this short period in history. It’s a fascinating sociopolitical and military history of Britain’s involvement with Egypt in the 1880s.

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