Introducing Gary Winterburn, author of Mythbuster!

“Dana was extremely helpful. Especially helping me through the copy editing stage. She is a big reason that I will choose to publish my next book with Outskirts. Thank you Dana. Cheers, Gary”

Gary Winterburn is an author who has chosen to write about what he knows and for what he has a passion. Gary has lived his life as a hardworking sales professional, sales manager, and business owner who has been recognized for outstanding achievement in all areas of his career. He has sold cars, homes, insurance, mobile homes, land, and even Christmas trees in his career. He has knowledge that will help every salesperson regardless of what you sell or your experience level. What’s more is his honesty that every professional in the field of sales will experience setbacks, slumps and even failures. He knows because he has lived the life, and wants to share the truth about working through these obstacles and attaining the level of Sales Professional. He has a passion for the truth about what it takes to learn your craft and to bust through the myths of sales. Gary lives in South Carolina where he is an avid outdoorsman, a father, and still applies his craft as a sales professional. He continues to be inspired by hardworking sales pros.

Product description…

Learn from the words of a guy who has worked on the firing line of sales and sales management his whole adult life. This book cuts to the real world answers and techniques of selling for the new or experienced salesperson. Or if you are aspiring to land your first sales position…read this book, it will ground you in the knowledge of interviewing, learning your craft and making sales. The sales professional who is feeling just a little rusty can refocus him or herself with the fundamentals and techniques that got you there. There are no buzzwords, “magic beans”, or B.S. between these covers that you hear from trainers who are the popular flavor of the day. If you want to learn things that work as well as develop your own style and thought processes while embracing fundamental sales truths…this book is for you. At times it is humorous, even irreverent, but always passionate about helping hardworking salespeople become true Sales Pros. You do work that most people can’t or won’t do…that makes you special! Don’t settle for being average, start today by learning how to give just a little more effort, not through longer gruelling hours, but by being great at what you do. Be bold, be different, and be yourself. Stay grounded in the fundamentals and together we will bust the myths that are perpetuated in the sales world.

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