Introducing Will Turner, author of Bitter Ashes

“Outskirts Press has done a fine job of publishing my book, “Bitter Ashes.” The cost for printing was reasonable, the services and assistance provided by the staff members was timely and helpful, the quality of the printing is excellent, and I am proud to have my name on the finished product. I will be very pleased to have my work presented in your Author’s Web Page.”

Will Turner is a native of Mississippi and now resides in Texas. A veteran of the Navy, he attended the U.S. Naval Academy and earned an MBA degree from Georgia State University. After retiring from Delta Air Lines as station manager in Houston, he then began a new career as the port director of a seaport on the Texas coast. Since his retirement, he has been active in the Rotary Club and in local civil and community affairs. Turner devotes his personal time to historical and genealogical research to document the military experiences of his family members in the American Civil War.

Product description…

The book, “Bitter Ashes” is a factual combination of History and Genealogy. The central theme is to chronicle the involvement of my family ancestors, both North and South, in the development of the United States and in the American Civil War. Our elected government officials failed to reach compromise solutions for regional and social differences and the American Civil War erupted. Four years of war resulted in the destruction of the Old South. Four million African Slaves were made free, but over 620,000 Americans were killed in battle and 412,000 more were maimed. Every family across the South, and most of the North, was affected and there are poignant stories to tell about each family. This was the most devastating event in American History and its results have affected the people of the South for generations. Its effects are still prevalent in social and political affairs. It is therefore, the most interesting event and period in American History.

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