Introducing Linda Griffith, author of The Fictitian

“I am a first time author and I had no idea what to expect. Outskirts Press took me by the hand and guided me. I felt comfortable and secure. The team that assisted me took the time to explain things to me over and over. I had the sense that I could ask them anything. I have utilized a number of the products they offer and I have been satisfied with all of them. Soon I will be publishing my second book and without question I know I will bring it to Outskirts Press.”

Coming from a large family of ten children, Linda Griffith grew up listening to her relatives telling tales during family visits and functions. As a member of the Chicago Police Department, Linda heard even more tales on the streets. Today she is retired and surrounds herself with giggling grandchildren who love to hear her stories.

Product description…

Get ready for a thrilling ride! This collection of tense, finely crafted stories will take you through the gritty realism of violence, fear, and injustice-and leave you wanting more.

  • In “Bloody Hands,” a woman kills a man after coming to her brother’s rescue when he is attacked by a gang of violent gamblers.
  • “His Fare to Jackson” is a story of a family tortured by their patriarch’s dissatisfaction at living “up north.” Frequently drunk and threatening, he demands to be given his fare back home, but his actions one hot summer night will change the lives of his family forever.
  • In “I Bear Witness,” a poor, simple soul explains how he unwittingly became a witness to a murder and how helpless he was to prevent it as the victim locked eyes with him the entire time.
  • “Nightmare Freight” deals with a town of mischievous kids taking advantage of a striking railroad system-and the heavy price they pay.
  • “The Fork in the Road” is a tale of a young boy trying to deal with racism and bullying, with devastating consequences.
  • “Looking at the King’s English” is a look at statutory rape in its starkest sense and at opportunities lost because of the heavy hand of the law.
  • “Tough Titty” is about a woman who has been abused all of her adult life by her husband. When she finally escapes, she is brutally beaten by a stranger and kills him in self-defense. The detective who brings charges against her says, “That’s a Tough Titty, but somebody has to suck it.”

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