Introducing Diana S. Long, author of Over the Bridge of Yesterday

“Being a first time writer, I didn’t know what to expect or how publishing worked. I had it set in my mind on how I wanted the jacket cover to look and they worked with me. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the finished product looked. I hope to continue to write and will rely on OP to work with me in the future. Thanks to all my team members at OP!”

Diana S. Long was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan but currently resides in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Product description…

Our story begins at Stonehenge, England in the year 1893. Monte Cootes and his family are Celtic Druids and will soon be immigrating to America. Each family member received a sacred stone representing England; when held and meditated upon they can draw energy from nature, and it serves Monte well over time. Monte’s family settles in Alpena, Michigan where Marie is born. Due to the circumstances of Marie’s birth in 1894 she is adopted by an Engineer and his wife. Monte, upon seeing Marie for the first time hears a woman’s voice whisper “wait for me, wait for me”. Several years later he hears the soft whisper again and this time he sees her image; he starts to understand the message he’s being given. Very early in the story the two families become close neighbors; although they are as different as night and day. Marie experiences both worlds; the care free natural world of the Celtic Druids and the society elite with their pampered lifestyles. Monte and Marie were always meant to share a life together and over the years they grow closer; but events, circumstances and promises made would keep them apart. Monte was determined to take Marie for his wife; he set out on a path that would give him the profession needed to give Marie the social standing she had been groomed for without giving up the traditions of being a Celtic Druid. In the end Marie made her own decision.

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