Introducing Rod Lewin, author of The Escalante Enigma

“My experience with Outskirts Press was outstanding from my very first contact with Jamie. I could not have done it alone, and all the help and advice I received along the way from Dodi and Jackie was nothing short of exceptional! Now, it is up to me to promote the book, and in the short term, I will be taking advantage of some of your book marketing services as well. I am already writing a sequel to The Escalante Enigma and hope to do a series of Mitch Blaine novels. I will definitely be using Outskirts Press again to bring my characters to life! Thank you all so much!”

Rod Lewin was born in Brisbane, Australia. His acclaimed autobiography, Steel Spine, Iron Will, wherein he narrates his recovery from paralysis after a near-fatal plane crash, has been in constant demand for over two decades. Rod has spent the last 35 years as a professional aviator. He has experienced all manner of adventure as a true ‘knight of the air’ from operating seaplanes on the Great Barrier Reef, the far outback of Western Australia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Greece, to airline flying in DC-3s, 727s, and 737s in the U.S. The Escalante Enigma is based on some of his own astonishing exploits.

Product description…

When Ronnie McCall, Mitch Blaine’s long-forgotten love, shows up out of the blue begging for help to locate her lost husband and brother—both U.S. Air Force special ops officers who have disappeared in Texas—Mitch, an ex-Australian Air Force and airline pilot now living a sybaritic life on his own WWII PBY flying boat in Sydney Harbor, agrees to come to the rescue. Mitch and Beyer, his retired physicist partner, decide to literally fly to Ronnie’s aid in the PBY, ‘The Wayward Wind’. Their flight across 8,000 miles of Pacific Ocean and into the vast, rugged, and unexplored canyons of the Escalante River in Utah is harrowing enough. But their attempts to trace the missing airmen turn dark and dangerous as they stumble upon something sinister and supernatural in the heart of the Navajo Nation. What they discover in that maze of mysterious canyon-lands turns out to be far more eerie, bizarre, and deadly than they could ever imagine in their wildest dreams… The Escalante Enigma is an action-packed novel set in the heart of the American Southwest. Filled with high drama, the book is both gripping and beautifully rendered.

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