Introducing Randy Fasig, author of El Chupacabra

“This is the publishing company of choice for anyone who is going to self-publish their book! If you need help or have gone through another company before, Outskirts will prove the best choice there is. They were and are for me, no question in my mind.”

Randy Fasig the story teller and author has gone to new heights with this story. The characters resonate and their experiences are your experiences. With a screen play being written maybe …

Product description…

Ever wondered about the Chupacabras? Many people have. The story was inspired by multiple accounts of actual hunts by cryptozoogists and their techniques. If you are a hunter or just a fan of the mysterious, this story is for you. If you prefer city life, then you are right alongside the zoologist, Dr. Eric Bellows. A city person at heart but thrust into the wilderness. Join the search. Hunt for chupacabras with the characters. Pack your tent and sleeping bag because you won’t want to leave!

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