Introducing J. Golf, author of I Was Trapped in a Miserable Marriage and Screwed by the Terrible System!

“I was very pleased with the entire process.”

J. Golf lives in Texas and has been in sales for 25 years with a large metals company. He has a moonlighting job working for a professional football team and enjoys golf, running, church, travel and his children. He was recently engaged to the love of his life and looks forward to 50 years of marriage to her. By the way, she is furious with the name he gave her in this book, Hazel. His original intentions were to write about his divorce experience as therapy and then had a wild idea to make it a book after encouragement from family and friends. This is his first and last publication.

Product description…

My uncle John passed away years ago and left 32 million dollars to a university in Tennessee. His only living relative was my grandmother, his sister. He never even went to college so we are not sure why they ended up with this huge inheritance. Guess how much the family got? ZERO. He could have easily left one million to the family. That was the biggest shaft job in my life until the events that I write about in this book took place. I was truly trapped in a miserable marriage and then I was screwed by the system that does not care about any of the details or faults. This is a true story that could happen to anyone so I hope you will find it entertaining and enlightening. Friends, family and God got me through this nerve wracking experience and life does get better. As painful as it is to make the attorney’s rich and handover a pile of hard earned savings to the other side, life goes on and you eventually realize you may just be better off. I hope you enjoy my story.

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