Introducing Sofia Fridlander, author of Rainbow

“It was a valuable experience for me to publish my first book with Outskirts Press. The staff’s professionals led me from the very beginning to the end of the publishing process. They promptly answered all my questions, paid attention to details, and gave recommendations to resolve problems. Their elaborated plan to lead an author step by step through the complicated process of a book publishing is outstanding. Thank you very much to all Outskirts Press professionals who I had a chance to work with.”

Sofia Fridlander graduated from Odessa State University, Ukraine, with a degree in economical geography. Soon after she immigrated to the USA, Sofia got married and had two children. When her children saw a rainbow for the first time, they were delighted. They drew the rainbow everywhere–especially on walls! Sofia went to the library to find age-appropriate reading material about rainbows, but found none. Her husband suggested that she write a book on the topic. She wrote a story geared toward her own children (aged four and seven) so that they could understand what a rainbow really is. Sofia’s children are now grown up, living near her in San Diego, California. They are excited to see their childhood book in print.

Product description…

On a sunny day, a group of children playing in the meadow suddenly see clouds appear. As a light rain began to fall, an amazing thing happened…an arc of brilliant colors appeared in the air! Learn along with the children as the beautiful rainbow shares its story with them…watch and listen carefully, because rainbows never last very long. But you will learn how and when to see this amazing natural phenomenon again.

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