Introducing October Wind and Carolina Sun, author of a-m-i-l-o-…and That Who Is

“I’ve been wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book my
entire life. Last November, the first story in a series came to me and I found Outskirts Press. In less than two months, Outskirts Press published and released Amilou…and That Who Is. Publishing with Outskirts Press
was an efficient and effective way of sharing my message with others. I’m especially grateful to Rebecca and Lisa for managing my manuscripts and illustrations, enabling me to move through the self-publishing process with wonderful results. Publishing a children’s story was on my bucket list. With great appreciation to Outskirts, my bucket list now includes writing a series of children and adult stories. I, also, envision revising my books on education and self-publishing them through Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press provides a writer freedom to express and publish ideas with remarkable ease.”

October Wind, author, illustrator, and educator enjoys playing with words and creating pictures that help us see into ourselves. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Carolina Son, illustrator and business coach, appreciates the power of doodling as an art form that expresses our inner selves. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Product description…

Amilou has a secret. She feels tingling in her fingers and sees rainbow colors streaming from her hands. At school, Amilou notices colorful lights that change and glow brightly around her classmates’ heads. One night, before falling asleep, she hears a riddle. I go to it, inside me, and shine my light, 4U2C I am… That Who Is. “Weird words, but it’s a neat riddle”, she thought as she raised her hands above her head with her palms and fingers stretched, yet bent. She, then, moved each finger like she was playing a harp. Now, this night, she was happy to know the feeling’s name is ‘That Who Is’. At least, that is how she heard it. ‘That Who Is’ filled her heart with joy, and she could feel a warming glow in her chest. There was a fireplace inside her that lit brightly when she played with the strings of feeling between her fingers. The next day at school, Amilou shares her secret with a friend and plays with ‘That Who Is’. Rudi Rouzer, a bullish classmate, overhears Amilou and her friend. He chases them around the schoolyard benches, saying over and over, “That who is hooey, that who is hooey”. Amilou is embarrassed as she watches the children mock her. In the end, ‘That Who Is’ has a surprise for all of them. Amilou… and That Who Is tells a story about the glowing light within us that opens our hearts and helps us care for others as friends.

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