Introducing Rob Archey, author of Water Zombies

“Outskirts Press recently published my second graphic novel, “Water Zombies: Tale of the Hill People.” Outskirts Press offers different levels of service that fit everyone’s budget. Author and Production Representatives that were assigned to me are friendly, knowledgeable, and always available for questions. Most of all, they treat me like an author and a person of value. I am very happy with the results. Outskirts Press is even with you after your book is published. They regularly send email book marketing tips that are essential in getting a book noticed. I’m back on the board creating a new graphic novel. Without question, I will again publish through Outskirts Press. Rob Archey”

Rob Archey is a lifelong law enforcement officer. He is a Wild West Arts performer, cartoonist, and mixed media artist. This effort is his second graphic novel. Rob is married to Karen and they have three sons, Joe, Matt, and Luke.

Product description…

“THE WALKING DEAD MEETS WATERWORLD!” A botched government experiment kills every citizen in the unsuspecting mountain town of Poverty Hollow. The subsequent cover-up results in the grotesque reanimation of the dead. Zombies that can only survive while submerged in water. The secret’s out. Are they living or are they dead? What do we do with them now? Domesticate and market them! Sell them! Give these unfortunates adoptive homes exclusively in the arid Phoenix area! Hey, it’s government approved and endorsed on television, so it has to be right. With government regulated Pool Cages and Zomquariums what could go wrong? Rain…and more rain. How could these monstrous Water Zombies have escaped to stalk the living while under the waves of the flooded city? Who, or what is leading these killing machines? One man must save his family and other survivors from this horror by fighting, not only the swimming dead, but also rogue government officials who must hide the truth…at all cost.

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