Introducing Robin with Farida, author of Me and Joe’s Life Skillz

“I would like to comment with a few words on my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Upon the completion of my manuscript, I searched and researched online for self-publishing companies. I analyzed quite a few of those companies inside and out. I covered all the pros and cons of each of these businesses and even kept extensive notes on what I found. After six months of intense study, I became aware that the VERY FIRST company I had began this research journey was the company I had analytically and statistically chosen to do business with… AFTER my research. That company? OUTSKIRTS PRESS! From that point on, everyone at OUTSKIRTS with whom I came in contact kept me well-informed and aligned with what I needed to allow my dream to manifest!”

Robin and Farida are a pair… who hold LOVE from above and dare to bare and care to SHARE. “WHERE?” Here and there and everywhere!
: >) (< : (that’s Farida on the left, there…)

Product description…

ME and Joe’s “LIFE SKILLZ” is a fully colored cartoon-illustrated book which allows everyone to LAUGH and LEARN at the same TIME all the while reading a reflective sublime book of prime time internal RHYME! There are: SECRET CODES and SECRET AGENTS and a PG SLANG DICTIONARY, just for YOU! You will learn about the importance of your HEALTH and DIET and how to listen to your SPIRIT to help you HEAR IT, TOO!

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