Introducing General L. Brown, Jr., author of McDougal’s Feast

“This was a fun easy and enjoyable experience for me. My author representative really kept me informed and was very helpful through the process.”

General L. Brown Jr. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is a graduate of Northern Michigan University and a veteran of the USMC. He currently works as a research technician for an iron ore mining company. He and his wife, Tanya, have worked in youth ministry for over ten years, and General Brown is currently the youth pastor at New Life Church of Marquette, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He developed the idea for McDougal’s Feast when he was a stay-at-home dad to his daughter and his son; his wife colored the illustrations. They live in Negaunee, Michigan, where they love to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Product description…

The turkeys, the cows, and the pigs know that Farmer McDougal is planning a Thanksgiving feast-and none of them wants to be the main course. As the farmer approaches the animals, they each plead their case. The tom turkey is convincing when he says, “A feast has nothing to do with a bird; it’s family and friends coming together. A home full of laughing and talking is better!” Farmer McDougal knows he must have something to feed his guests, but a feast with no meat? A meal he’s been planning for fifty-two weeks? Will Thanksgiving be ruined? Join Farmer McDougal and the barnyard animals as we discover whether it will be a triumph for the beasts…or a delicious Thanksgiving feast!

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