Introducing Allyson Mayze, author of Tales of the Anna Khonda

“As a first-time author, I had researched several publishing companies online. After reading reviews, I came across Outskirts Press. I was most impressed with their professional web presence and branding, the magnitude of positive reviews, and the testimonials of authors who had used them in the past; they seemed to have substantial amounts of repeat business. I can not find the right words to adequately express the excitement I felt when I first opened the package they sent me containing the author’s copies of my books. They were beautiful, professionally done, and I couldn’t ask for a better or more competent team. I would like to give a big thank you to all of you at Outskirts Press who helped me to make my dream a reality.”

For Allyson Mayze, writing has been a lifelong passion. She graduated from university and began taking martial arts, eventually dabbling in the world of pro-wrestling. After having worked several jobs, including the work she does now as a ColdFusionist, and starting a family, Allyson was able to concentrate again on one of her first loves – writing – and decided to combine it with her other passions: martial arts, self-defense, and motherhood, with a few of the pro-wrestling experiences thrown in. Tales of the Anna Khonda is the result of her efforts.

Product description…

How would you handle being so different?

This is a question Anna Khonda has had to face her whole life. Born in a land far south of where she now lives – and with a genetic mutation that makes her unlike anyone else – Anna Khonda was fortunate enough to be adopted by a missionary couple in her homeland after her own parents were killed by hunters. Her new family is compassionate and loving, but Anna finds it hard to find acceptance in a world where she is so outwardly and distinctively different. Anna Khonda is the unique yet universal story of a young woman’s struggle to find her own niche, and how she eventually succeeds beyond anyone’s – including her own – expectations. This book is now available in the Kindle format. (click here for the Kindle format) And the Nook format (click here for the Nook format) If you would like to read my Press Release, click here.

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