Introducing Julie & Mitch Kelly, author of Second Chances

“I was thrilled with the entire process. I can’t wait to publish the next book!”

About Julie & Mitch Kelly: Whether you already believe in God and serve Him daily or if you aren’t so sure about what you believe, we hope as you read through our story that you will have your own light bulb moment and realize what an incredible gift is waiting for you. How awesome is it that God is waiting to get to know us and that He loves us, forgives us, and pursues us.

Product description…

We are not celebrities, athletes or entertainers. We are average, everyday people who found a lot of excuses to avoid a relationship with God. Up to our eyeballs in debt, we were constantly searching for the next big thing. Even with all of our toys, vacations and material possessions, we were lost, caught up on the hamster wheel of obtaining “the American dream”. It took a series of life-changing events that involved hospitals, doctors, and the complete surrender of our pride to get us to finally see what God had been trying to show us.

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