Introducing Leslie Abeysekera, author of Justice Denied

“Having arrived in the US about two years ago, when I sat down in peace and solitude to write my autobiographical sketch of “Justice Denied – The Journey of a Judge,” the daunting task of publishing my work once it was done, was always haunting me. I had heard about the many hurdles and pitfalls that a conventional book publisher would hurl at a novice author like me – my manuscript being unacceptable to their money making notions, the cost and the delay being just few of them. Discovering the idea of self publishing was therefore the bright star in a dark sky and discovering Outskirts Press was indeed the luckiest break in my ambitious journey. They dispelled all my inherent fears. They guided me at every step and cared for me all the time. Among the several equally competent and caring staff, Elaine who was my Author Representative, arrived at a crucial point in my publishing journey. I have no words to adequately describe her kind and generous attitude to service; she uplifted my expectations. Finally when the first copy of my book was placed in my hands, my happiness as a published author, soared to the skies. Right now I am being instructed and guided by my Marketing Coach with tremendous new ideas that I appreciate and want to emulate. Thank you Outskirts Press. You are indeed great.”

Leslie Abeysekera has lived and worked through the hierarchy of the judicial system of Sri Lanka from 1974 to 1995. Having started as a Magistrate, he was a Judge of the High Court when he retired. He is a Master of Laws of the University of Colombo and has been a Vice President of the Commonwealth Magistrates and Judges Association for about ten years. After retiring from judicial service, he managed Legal Aid in Sri Lanka and worked tirelessly for the legal welfare of the prisoner. He sat as a commercial Arbitrator until his departure from Sri Lanka. He also wrote about the process of arbitration which he admired as an acceptable means of alternative dispute resolution, and taught the subject. He is married and has a son and daughter who live and work in the United States where he hopes to spend the evening of his life with his wife. He is proud to be the grandfather of four adorable grandkids.

Product description…

The author of “Justice Denied” attempts to weave the story of his life around the maze and mayhem of the judicial system that prevailed in Sri Lanka during the latter half of the last century, which he sadly believes will go on for ever, despite a rapidly changing world, despite the carnage of insurrection and, despite the ravages of war. He has written this book in the peace and solitude of America in the spirit of the glass that is half full and the cloud that always has a silver lining. He has encapsulated the resilience of a people who have been denied justice by delay and the decadence of a legal profession that seems to be immune to change. This telling indictment against a decrepit system that is designed to deny justice will reveal to those living in the United States the bounty of the justice they enjoy that respects the Rule of Law, that affords its citizens the essence of Natural Justice, that ensures that equal justice is delivered to all.

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