Introducing Malcolm Ivey, author of Consider the Dragonfly

“Colleen’s performance was excellent in every way.  I’m working on another book and will definitely request that she be my Author Rep again.  Thanks Colleen!”

Malcolm Ivey resides in a gated community in the Florida panhandle. Consider the Dragonfly is his first novel. Contact him at

Product description…

Raised in a dysfunctional home and longing to fit in, CJ is not much different than the average teenager. He’s curious, awkward, friendly, and shy…until a bully pushes him over the edge and he opts for revenge. Set against a Miami backdrop, the maze of CJ’s life begins in juvenile hall and twists its way through the state prison system with a host of colorful characters along the way. New enemies arise and betrayals abound as he further entangles himself in the web. Drugs, crime, danger, death, heartbreak, friendship and redemption. This is the journey of CJ McCallister, a young man lost on a dead-end road and struggling to find his way.

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