Introducing Ingeborg O’Bourne, author of Anatomy of a Tramp

“I did appreciate all the people I worked with, and am very satisfied with the product.  People are amazed at the quality of the book, the binding, the font, and so on.  I certainly would publish with Outskirts Press again.”

Ingeborg O’Bourne, writer, painter and dream analyst, immigrated from Austria to the US in 1967. The experience of her healing set her on the path of exploring how dreams interact with our day-to-day lives, and opened her eyes to the importance of acknowledging the feminine principle as part of the divine. She is the mother of five, has five grandchildren, and holds a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. The great variety of her life experiences has made her a compassionate observer and healer.

Product description…

Ingeborg O’Bourne’s narrative of addiction is one of hope. Witness her amazing recovery, and explore the questions it raised by diving with her deep into the cauldron of her childhood and youth. Follow the life of an untutored, abandoned girl whose desire to be accepted drove her to despair—and experience the magic of divine motherly love that reached out to heal her. This elegantly constructed book, with its compelling testimony of mercy, is honest and poignant, providing hope for anyone who has been touched by addiction.

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