Introducing Joyce Lewis, author of The Wife Picket Fence

“This is Joyce Lewis, the now-new author of The Wife Picket Fence. This letter of gratification is long overdue partly because my soul has been invaded by flittering butterflies dancing to the music of micro-wave popcorn popping! The feeling is awesome to accomplish a goal that is no longer a dream. Thanks to you and your staff of Outskirts Press for making this outstanding production a reality. The quality is superb but a high-five goes out to your illustrator’s idea for the cover to which beholds the message that best describes the inserts of the production that’s warm, loving and sad. That is exactly what marriage is! My husband has been my number one critic and supporter throughout this entire project and I can proudly say that the both of us are very thankful to ourselves for believing in you and my selective publishing team’s instruction of editing, opinions and ideas. With all of my heart….,I truly believe that the message that lies between the covers of Outskirts Press: The wife Picket Fence will excel by the winds of many voices and heard like  the tolling bells that ring through-out our world. Thank you for your patience and Outskirts’ awesome craftsmanship of publishing and accepting my voice of truth to be read all over the world.”

Joyce Lewis was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating high school, she pursued a singing career as a vocalist and choreographer with the trio group of young ladies called Goddess performing in Night Clubs all over the city of Chicago including a performance for the late Mayor Harold Washington. A tragedy forced the group to split up. She loves children and decided later to volunteer many hours to her community school’s district in Crete, Illinois. Utilizing her profession through song and dance, she brought preteen girls together teaching them to how to respect one another through the unity of dance. Joyce has many gifted talents but her passion was always to write. Being married for twenty-four years to Eric Lewis, a disabled Marine Corp veteran, and who is also President of Lewis Construction. Together they adopted two children: one is in college and the other is in the armed forces. Her family inspired her to write her first book, “The Wife Picket Fence.” She now resides in Chicago, Illinois with her retired husband to resume a passion to write. Contact: Joyce Lewis, P.O. Box 16323, Chicago, Illinois 60616

Product description…

Woman…, the beholder of the Distinctive Fruit…, and the victim of man’s sexual immorality. The fruit of a woman has been bought and sold through prostitution, its been abused by the pedophiles who rape, and for some, loved and cherished. Here between this cover the dark hidden truth reveals the recipe of the loose female and the cheating man! You will feel the exposed devastations of the emotional ranting with the domestic confrontations! You will feel the fear of loneliness, the suffering, and the captivity of a woman’s tearful heartache of her own self-prisonment! Marriage is no longer respected nor honored unto The Sacred Vow, and the crisis are many. The lies, the deceit, and the broken unity of love are the seeds of the fruit of the female who does not take heed!… All fruit spoils when its left out into the open!… Where do you fit between these covers?… You’ll see yourself,… And they’ll know your name! Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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