Introducing Lawrence J King, author of Crumbs

“The help I received from Jerry, my Publishing Consultant, Elaine, my Author Representative, and others in the process of helping to make my dream come true as a author was excellent and on time. I look forward to working with the staff at Outskirts Press on my next book. Thank you very much for a successful outcome for my book, Crumbs.”

Lawrence J. King, is a first-time author and life-long resident of Washington, DC. He enjoys real life stories, history, sports, music, family and friends.

Product description…

A tale of lives from a small country road to paved city streets of the nation’s most powerful city. Through difficult struggles surrounding lives of certain undervalued people, who travel in a crumbling circle of uncertainty, broken promises, hunger, and despair. Fresh minds spring with character, pride, joy and conviction that rough times don’t last forever. Damaged dreams with a strong heart, sense-full mind, endure in the eyes, minds and souls, to gather ample crumbs of a normal life.

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