Introducing Reginald J. Thorne, author of The Wreck of the Rachael Marie

I am very happy with the whole experience…as a first time author I was really scared and confused, but all of you were patient and you all put me at ease.

I am working on another novel and I will definitely publish it with Outskirts Press.”

Reginald J. Thorne is an old fashioned story teller. He has lived a full life and his characters are part of who he is . . . lover, friend, confidant and scoundrel. Let your mind journey back in time as you immerse yourself in this rich tapestry of love, adventure and revenge.

Product description…

Name the last Pirate adventure story you read since Treasure Island!

Can’t think of one? Well, your wait is over! The Wreck of the Rachel Marie has it all . . . Adventure-Treasure-Murder-Love-Loyalty and Revenge. Follow the adventures of Captain Simon Daggett and the “Brotherhood of the Skull”, through the eyes of seaman Tom Smythe as they sail the Caribbean during the late 1600’s . . . the age of the pirates. You will meet Isaac Meeks, Daggett’s nemesis in arms . . . a clever and vicious pirate . . . Sir Edgar Hobart; wealthy, ruthless and Simon Daggett’s distant father . . . and of course the beautiful and elegant Rachel Marie Hobart, the women for whom the ill-fated ship was named. You’ll visit St Lucia where Simon was born, as well as Barbados, Tortuga, Port Royal and New Bedford. Experience the adventures of the characters all woven together in the lush backdrop of the Spanish Main. Why did Rachel feel such a close connection to a famous pirate she had never met? Why was she the only soft spot in Simon Daggett’s heart? Each character is so different from the other, yet their lives are all inter-connected in this exciting journey. Gold guineas, gems, rare black coral, a double-cross, a ship wreck, revenge and death all contribute to this enjoyable tale of adventure in the Caribbean.

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