Introducing Omar Rashad, author of Going Back to Cali

“I’m still in post-publication, but I’m very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by Outskirts Press. My expertly bound novel has already inspired a few of my readers to attempt to create their own books. So far, so marvelous!”

Omar Rashad received his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Sociology from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO. The author attended Manual Arts H.S. in Los Angeles, CA during the Watts Riots. He is a native of Kansas City, MO, who now resides in Atlanta, GA.

Product description…

The year is 1988. Chance Murphy, convicted of 1st Degree Murder, is paroled from Missouri to California. All his life he lived by the street code: “Anything worth living for was worth fighting for! Anything worth fighting for was worth dying for! Anything worth dying for was worth killing for!” Would his philosophy change and allow him to walk down 5 years of parole? Or would he become just another recidivism statistic or wind up with a California tag on his toe?

It’s February, 1988. Chance Murphy, a reluctant killer, known thief and drug dealer, is out of jail after 15 years–now he must flee Kansas City because of enemies. In the custody of his mother, he must now navigate the streets of Los Angeles, but he hasn’t lived in South Central since 1965! How will he survive the treacherous gangs, the brutal LAPD, and the scandalous traps lurching in the hood? Thus begins one of the most desperate urban struggles an ex-con faces when self-preservation is the only law of the land.

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