Introducing the lovely Mu Octavis Taalib, author of English Brain Arabic Learner

“I’d like to say, in particular, my rep, Deni Senteral-Scott, was so good at being attentive to me that it was unreal. Excellent! Excellent! If I were to choose Outskirts Press again, it would be because of her assistance.”

Mu Octavis Taalib, a professional Global TESOL instructor, teaches Arabic in the Atlanta metro area. He is a graduate of Hampton University in Virginia where he honed his professional skills after serving a four-year stint in the U. S. Air Force during the Vietnam War era. A former U.S. foreign service officer and diplomat, he has authored four books, including English Brain Arabic Learner (Outskirts Press, 2011). While living and working in the Middle East and Africa, he took time to decipher classical Arabic and learn the workings of the many, assorted cultures found there. These studies have been the impetus and stimulation to writing his latest book, Life is No Mystery: Natural Knowledge and the Human Birthright. Describing himself as an avid culturalist, the author grew up in Eastern North Carolina among six siblings. His interests include teaching, community involvement, billiards, and geopolitics.

Product description…

Never has explaining the underpinnings of Arabic been so explicit, so clear.

English Brain Arabic Learner exposes the simplicity of Arabic and gives the learner heart to stay in the challenge of learning the language. This book was written by a trained Global TESOL instructor after two years of practical classroom application. The methodology works. English Brain Arabic Learner is a clear and concise presentation of the Arabic language and how it can find its way into the brains of individuals whose linguistic patterns have relied solely on English. While many individuals have a desire to tackle Arabic, a good percentage of them become discouraged and convinced that the task is too difficult. Having spoken, read, written, and listened to English all of our lives, our conscious minds become wary of any new and unfamiliar language, not just Arabic. The book focuses on approaches adult brains can accept easily as opposed to using force to make it do something against its will. Many would-be Arabic learners fail to learn the basics of the language because of simple points. Many instructors push learners too hard sometimes just to memorize letters without giving them proper explanation of letter basics. They fail to show how all written language forms share a linguistic relationship. They ignore the perceived mystery associated with Arabic and they don’t address the myth about it being such a complicated language to learn. Adults are perfectly capable of learning how to read and write Arabic. This book shows how. The author explains the underpinnings of Arabic in a simple, concise way. Taalib uses a brain-centered approach for teaching adults basic comprehension of Arabic. The author instructs Arabic courses in suburban Atlanta. He studied under the renowned Global TESOL professor, Dr. Sarah A. Shope.

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