Introducing the lovely Dr. Lebrun, author of Romantic Thoughts

Join us every day at this time during Share the Love month as we introduce you to one of our lovely authors at Outskirts Press.

“Outskirts Press is a great publishing company for those who are new in the business. They walk you through the process like an eagle teaching its baby to fly.”

Dr. Annuel Lebrun is a medical doctor and a preacher. He loves Jesus Christ, family and life. He has dedicated his life to help people spiritually, intellectually, and physically

Product description…

Love influences human psychic in a way that is beyond our understanding. Scientifically, we know that love stimulates the brain to release serotonin which gives a sense of well-being to the person who is in love. When a person is in love logic is out of the window and that person will do anything under the sun to please the one he or she is in love with. A real man will always make sure that his gift from above is always well taking care of. A woman is a treasure form God. The only way a man will be truly happy is by creating an environment of happiness for his woman. This book is a tool to help men achieve this goal, by helping you to marinate your woman with romantic compliments which will keep her close to your bosom. A happy woman will saturate you with her heavenly cake and make sure that you never go hungry. Romantic compliments will work better when you mixed it with quality time.

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