Introducing Starlett Fisher, author of Mark of The Burn

I have been writing poems and short stories for many years. I find that the crisis in many families is not restricted to the poor. I see it every day. I’ve grown up watching friends and family alike struggle to make it, through alcoholism, domestic violence, infidelity, and much more. I grew up on the lower eastside of Buffalo New York. I have five children and two grandsons whom I love very much and I work hard every day in hopes they will escape many of the issues I was forced to make the best of.

“My consultant and I didn’t communicate much. She seemed distant in her email, but I digress. Jenny was fantastic! She responded quickly to my questions and made me feel comfortable going through the process; she also made my options clear and was very helpful!!! That alone will bring me back to Outskirts Press!”

Product description…

Some bonds of love are strong while others are severed easily.

The late nineteen eighties was not the ending of an era but the beginning of the age of technology. Olivia Blake a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, moved to Buffalo, New York, with her mother to escape the shame of her father’s adultery. She longed for her rightful place in the world, and love. She found that the love she sought after truly was as blind as it was painful. She leans hard on the bonds she has forged with her friends, twin sisters Venus and Pandora Pratt who are plagued by a dysfunctional home life of a different nature. The three girls struggle to escape to a better life as they become adults only to find that once burned by the pains of life you will wear that mark though it is embedded in the deepest darkest places of your soul.

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